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The shapes, textures and quality of Villastone make it extremely popular with landscape architects and landscape contractors.


Easy installation

Simply lay Villastone the same way as conventional pavers.


Versatile Pavers

Villastone comes in a number of shapes, colours and sizes and has an inbuilt waterproofing agent for easy maintenance.


Villastone Paver Features & Benefits:

  • All pavers are 40 mm thick and can be made to driveway strength.
  • Safe arounD swimming pools.
  • Precision sized with minimal thickness variations (plus or minus 2mm)
  • Accessories include matching bullnose and accenting cobblestone and cross border inlays.
  • Easy to lay.
  • Non slip.
  • Low maintenance
  • Colours of Sandstone, Limestone Creamstone, Honeycomb, blended colour and cream blush.
  • Specific colours can be made on request. (eg Terracotta and Bluestone)