Adbri Masonry Stradascape® Pavers in Canberra


The Stradascape® paver gives you the best of both worlds; affordability and a high quality finish when you need to add pizzazz to your backyard, courtyard, garden paths, patio or outdoor entertaining area.

These big bold pavers are ideal for giving a contemporary ambience to your courtyard, or creating a strong landscape feature in your backyard. The Stradascape range of colours will lift your home’s design style to new heights.


Suitable For:

  • Pathways
  • Courtyards
  • Feature areas
  • Backyards
  • Entry
  • Patio areas
  • Outdoor Rooms
  • Al Fresco areas



Stradascape – Stradascape™
450mm w x 300mm d x 50mm h

Adbri Masonry Stradascape Pavers in pathway

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