Timber & Concrete Sleepers in Canberra


Concrete sleepers are maintenance free, fireproof, will not rot and are termite safe.

Sleepers vary in length – DO NOT concrete your posts or dig your holes until you have your sleepers to check the actual length of the sleepers.

A concrete sleeper wall is best built using the galvanised steel posts.

Gal posts are available in 6mm and 4mm. (4mm Max. length 1100).



1860 X 190 X 80 (Nominal)

Colours: Tan, Charcoal and Beach

Rockface Concrete Sleepers               Wholesale Sleeper - Rockface Concrete Sleeper Products


Do not start your job until you have measured the length of the sleepers.



H Section – Used for extending straight walls

C Section – End Section to neatly finish wall ends

Cnr Section – 90 degree used to create right angle walls

45 Degree – Used to create softer angles

Lengths: 400mm, 750mm, 1200mm, 1600mm, 1800mm 2000mm, 2400mm, 2800mm.

However high your wall is, the post length is double that. e.g a 600mm high wall would need the 1200mm posts.


Available in 50mm (for 50mm timber)

75mm (for 75mm timber and low profile concrete sleeper walls).

H Section

C Section

CNR 90 degrees

Lengths: 450mm, 750mm, 1100mm


Natural – 1815 x 185 x 70

Charcoal – 1815 x 185 x 70

Beach – 1815 x 185 x 70

Tan – 1815 x 185 x 70

Wholesale Sleeper - Woodgrain Concrete Sleeper Display         

All Length sizes are nominal. Always wait till you have your sleepers on site before starting your job.


Size 1800 x 197 x 80

Colour – Blackwood

Wholesale Sleeper - Sawmill Concrete Sleeper Products        Wholesale Sleeper - Sawmill Concrete Sleepers


2350 x 200 x 80

Charcoal and Natural

Weight – 90kg

Wholesale Sleeper - Smooth Concrete Sleepers Display        Wholesale Sleeper - Smooth Concrete Sleepers



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When it comes to retaining walls, landscape design and construction, timber is the natural choice. Cypress is durable, sturdy and reliable. It boasts natural aesthetics that helps it blend seamlessly with the outdoors. 

Pre drilling is recommended when using Cypress.

Other sizes are available to order (generally a 6 to 8 week lead time).

Sizes in stock:

2.4 x 150 x 75       2.4 x 100 x 100        2.4 x 125 x 125

3.0 x 150 x 75       3.0 x 100 x 100        3.0 x 125 x 125


Wholesale Sleeper - Cypress Pine Products
Wholesale Sleeper - Cypress Pine for Sale
Wholesale Sleeper - Natural Cypress Pines



 Arsenic Fears: The evidence against CCA treated pine isn’t strong, but the simple fact is that a lot of people don’t trust it, won’t trust it and won’t use it because it has arsenic in it.

 There is little evidence that the arsenic in treated pine leaches into soils. The real concern is when used in playgrounds and toddlers (who put everything into their mouth) run the risk of chewing a scrap of timber or soil which lies next to treated timber. Another concern is cutting it. You should always wear a dusk mask when cutting it and keep spectators away. CCA treated pine should never be burned, nor should it come in contact with drinking water.

 But using CCA Treated Pine is still popular for use in gardens and retaining walls. The cost is cheaper than the alternative ECO Sleepers and more sizes are available in the CCA Treated Pine. Either option is treated H4 treated for in ground use.


2.4 x 150 x 50, 2.4 x 200 x 50, 2.4 x 200 x 75, 2.4 x 200 x 100

3.0  x 150 x 50, 3.0 x 200 x 50, 3.0 x 200 x 75, 3.0 x 200 x 100

Click on link for Safety Data Sheet when handling CCA Treated Pine Products





 Treated with MicroPro technology is a non-arsenic based preservative treatment process. It offers real peace of mind when used in vegetable garden beds and children’s playgrounds. Considering that almost all backyard vegi growers these days are growing their own food organically, with the emphasis on chemical free, healthy plants then using the MicroPro treated sleepers is the product to use.

 MircoPro sleepers looks much the same as CCA treated pine. Both start out green in colour then weather to grey over time.Hot dipped galvanised and/or stainless steel fasteners are fittings are recommended when building with ECO Sleepers.

 NOTE: Treated Pine, Hardwood, Ironbark and Eco Sleepers are a garden grade, unseasoned and rough sawn. We do not allow the sleepers to be picked through due to Health and Safety. They are not a select grade and are freshly cut with a high moisture content. They should be used as soon as possible after purchase and not left lying in the sun to dry out, as twisting and warping will occur.


2.4 x 200 x 50                                  3.0 x 200 x 50

2.4 x 200 x 75                                   3.0 x 200 x 75

For the Material Safety Data Sheet, click on link to read prior to using/cutting timber.




Wholesale Sleeper - Eco Sleeper Products 



 Railway sleepers are pre graded and we do not allow them to picked through. If you need a better one, please select the next grade up. Due to our Health and Safety Policy we cannot allow the packs to be picked through.

Size – 230 x 120 x 2.4m

  • B Grade – the oldest looking sleeper
  • A grade – a better quality
  • AA grade –

Please be aware these pictures are used as a visual demonstration, they may vary in person.

** Railway sleepers are pre graded based on their quality. From B Grades up to the AA. Due to Health and Safety we do not allow the sleepers to “picked” through and hand selected. If you are not happy with the quality of the lower grades, consider the next grade up.




Sold by the cubic metre
Pieces cut to approx. 300-400mm lengths



Wholesale Sleeper - Old Railway Firewood Sleeper Cuts
Wholesale Sleeper - Old Railway Firewood Sleepers B Grade

B Grade

Wholesale Sleeper - Old Railway Firewood Sleepers A Grade

A Grade

Wholesale Sleeper - Old Railway Firewood Sleepers AA Grade

AA Grade

White Hardwood Sleepers


2.4 x 200 x 50, 2.4  200 x 75

3.0 x 200 x 50. 3.0 x 200 x 50

Red Ironbark

Check Availability as stock is limited at times.

2.4 x 200 x 50,

2.4 x 200 x 75


Enhance the beauty and style of your landscape with quality sleepers

Wholesale Sleepers provides a range of quality landscaping products to add substance and aesthetic value to your garden. You can find a wide range of mulches, retaining walls blocks, soils, sands, pavers and sleepers at great prices. Contact Canberra’s most reputable sleeper company today and we’ll show you why landscapers and gardeners enjoy our selection of products.

Durable, versatile and value for money, our sleepers are available in the following selection:

  • Concrete Woodgrain
  • Concrete Rockface
  • Cypress Pine
  • Iron bark
  • Hardwood
  • Treated pine
  • Firewood
  • Used railway sleepers
  • Eco Friendly  sleepers

Sleepers not only add aesthetic appeal to your landscape but they also save time and money. The easy installation and low maintenance means you spend less money on labour and next to nothing on maintenance. Many people wonder how much railway sleepers cost, but that depends on the grade you select, which in turn is based on what you want to achieve.

Often used for retaining walls, different sleepers can be used for a variety of reasons such as construction site support, outdoor benches and assorted aesthetic and functional projects.

If you’re looking for the best price sleepers, contact us today.