Palmetto Buffalo Turf

Palmetto Buffalo Turf in Canberra

Palmetto Soft Leaf Buffalo is an allergy friendly, evergreen Soft Leaf buffalo with low maintenance and drought tolerance. It is a hard wearing turf with quick recovery from damage and can handle sunny and partly shady areas (requires 2-4hrs of direct sunlight.) Palmetto is a cold, hardy, frost tolerant buffalo grass and will hold its appealing deep green colour longer than most buffalo turfs into the colder months. Palmetto is ideal for home lawns. Palmetto is an extremely versatile turf and is capable of handling all types of conditions. Like all buffalo turfs it will go dormant in the Canberra winter and brown off.

Soft Leaf

Palmetto Buffalo grass has a very soft leaf, and unlike older traditional scratchy Buffalo lawns, is not likely to irritate tender young kids.

Outstanding Winter Quality

Palmetto Buffalo grass (middle) has better winter colour. Side by side comparisons on many of our growers farms over the last few years have shown that when it gets cold in winter, most other Buffalos don’t stay as green for as long as Palmetto.

Palmetto Buffalo Grass - Soft Leaf Turf

Great Shade Tolerance

Palmetto Buffalo grass performs well in full sun, yet thrives in shaded areas where other grasses fail. A Palmetto Buffalo lawn requires 2 to 4 hours of direct sunlight. No grass can survive in extreme shade, but Palmetto is better than others. Palmetto has the best winter active growth, so it is less likely to drop out in shaded areas in winter.

Palmetto Buffalo Grass - Great Shade Tolerance Design

Drought Resistant

Palmetto has a massive deep root system, making it more drought resistant. Palmetto Buffalo Grass is the efficient water user and it stays greener for longer in dry conditions, making it the most likely lawn of all to stay green all year round. Palmetto Buffalo Turf is a winter green and summer green grass.

Less Mowing

Unlike some other rapidly upward growing Buffalos, Palmetto Buffalo Grass needs less mowing. Although Palmetto Buffalo Grass grows across the ground at a fast rate, its upward leaf growth is less than most other Buffalo grass varieties. One of the main reasons people buy Buffalo is that it requires less mowing. Ask for a Buffalo grass like Palmetto, one that grows fast across the ground for better wear tolerance, but one that grows more slowly upwards for less mowing. In fact, we believe Palmetto is the only Buffalo grass on the Australian market that does this.

Palmetto Buffalo Grass - Drought Resistant Feature

Great at out competing weeds

Once Palmetto Buffalo grass is well established, its dense growth makes it much harder for weeds to establish. As Palmetto actively grows in most areas in winter, it is less likely to allow weeds to invade. This is the time when many other forms of Buffalo grass develop weed problems.

Low allergenic

Palmetto Buffalo turf is great news for people with allergies. Seed heads on grass can cause allergies, so it is good to know that Palmetto has less seed head. In a full year trial at Richmond, Palmetto had an average of 40% less seed head than other popular Buffalo varieties

Palmetto Buffalo Grass - Anti-Weed Turf for landscaping

Less Thatch

Palmetto Buffalo Grass is known for its ability to create a dense sward without major thatch problems. Just walk on a mature Palmetto buffalo lawn and notice the difference compared to a common soft leaf Buffalo lawn. The common soft leaf Buffalo lawn will be very spongy, whilst in comparison, the Palmetto will be far less thatching. Palmetto Buffalo Grass rarely scalps when being mown, allowing people to almost always have a green lawn.

Tough and Hardwaring

Palmetto Buffalo grass has excellent fast growth across the ground. Its runners are fast and highly branching, which provides excellent recovery from wear. Palmetto Buffalo Grass is quickly becoming known as the tough, hardwearing Buffalo lawn.

Disease and Pest Tolerance

Palmetto Buffalo grass has good tolerance to gray leaf spot and other diseases and is more resistant to pests such as lawn grub.

Palmetto Buffalo Grass - Tough & Pest Tolerant Turf for landscaping