Nara Native

All-Purpose Nara Native Turf in Canberra

Nara Native is an all purpose, beautiful native lawn. Zoysia macrantha is a native coastal grass that is naturally found on the east coast of Australia. This means that Nara Zoysia perfectly siuts the tough Australian climate. It can handle hot, dry climates, humid climates, and cold (even Canberra). Its ability to work Australia-wide makes Nara turf the perfect complement for any native garden or landscape.

Nara Native turf is a no-fuss lawn – it needs less mowing than Buffalo, Couch and Kikuyu varieties. Less edging is another benefit, as there will be a smaller chance of it invading your garden.

A Nara lawn needs two fertiliser applications per year with slow release fertilizer , or more if it is subject to a lot of wear. See for more informative on care.

Shade Tolerance – Recommended for up to 50% shade in areas with low wear and up to 30% shade in areas with moderate to high wear.

Drought Tolerance – Excellent drought tolerance. It thrives in hot, humid and desert areas.

Cold Tolerance – Excellent cold tolerance. Tested down to -12 degrees Celcius.

Outcompetes weeds. Nara turf is very good at competing with weeds. You can also use any chemicals that work with Couch. Nara is much better that Buffalo with chemicals. For example you can take out Paspalum with a selective spray.

Less thatch. It is a fine textured lawn, but scalps less than Couch when mown.

Establishment. It takes approximately 2-3 weeks to establish. Avoid laying in colder months, as it will not establish well.

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