Kenda Kikuyu Turf

Kenda Kikuyu Grass and Instant Turf in Canberra

Kenda is a greatly improved, fast establishing form of Kikuyu turf with a great drought and wear tolerance. It is lower cost turf option with a good winter colour compared to some other grasses, and it doesn’t seed like common kikuyu. It is not recommended around gardens that don’t have hard edges, but if you have a large dog, or active kids, Kenda is a good high wear tolerance option. Kenda prefers full sun, or at the most light shade.

It has good disease tolerance, less vertical growth if left unmown for a period, and has a dark green colour and leaf texture.

(Note: all information regarding turf options is a summary guide only. Make sure you research your options based on the area and wear your lawn will get).