Hardaz ®

Hardaz retaining wall system poster

Hardaz® Retaining Wall System in Canberra

for 50mm & 75mm timber sleepers

  • Galvanised steel for longer life
  • No fastening required
  • DIY friendly

Hardaz Retaining Systems provide a simple and easy solution for creating solid timber retaining walls. Each retaining post ensures a tight and secure fit for each sleeper, with no packing or fastening required.

All Hardaz Retaining Systems products are made from galvanised steel, to guarantee long-life durability and strength.

A recess in each post allows for adjustment to ensure you get the perfect fit every time and to compensate for future timber movement and shrinkage.

Our range suits both 50mm and 75mm wide sleepers and is versatile enough to build walls from one to three sleepers high.

H Beam Post

For use in straight line retaining walls, where extra strength is required.


C Beam Post

Hardaz Retaining Systems - C Beam Post

For finishing the end of a retaining wall, where extra strength is required.


 Joiners Post

For use in straight line retaining walls.


 End Post

Hardaz Retaining Systems - End Post

For finishing the end of a retaining wall.


Corner Post

Hardaz Retaining Systems - Corner Post

For creating the perfect 90º corner

Flat Stakes

For joining straight runs, where extra strength is required


Sleeper Stakes

For securing timber borders, such as garden beds.



Corner Stakes

Hardaz Retaining Systems - Corner Stakes

For external corners, where extra strength is required.


 Left & Right Hand Pegs

For retaining wall support.


 Support Pins

For extra support.

Joiner Post- H Section

TypeSizeSleeper Height Sleeper Size
Joiner H88x1100mm3-UP75mm
Joiner H88x750mm2-UP75mm
Joiner H88x450mm1-UP75mm
Joiner H65x1100mm3-UP50mm
Joiner H65x750mm2-UP50mm
Joiner H65x450mm1-UP50mm

End Post-C Section

TypeSizeSleeper Height Sleeper Size
End - C88x1100mm3-UP75mm
End - C88x750mm2-UP75mm
End - C88x450mm1-UP75mm
End - C65x1100mm3-UP50mm
End - C65x750mm2-UP50mm
End - C65x450mm1-UP50mm

Corner Post - 90 Degree Corner

TypeSizeSleeper HeightSleeper Size


Corner Stake450mm
Corner Stake450mm
Flat Stake450mm

Pegs & Support Pins

Left Hand400mm
Right Hand400mm
Left Hand700mm
Right Hand700mm
Support Pin400mm