Form Boss


FormBoss is an Australian Made, Designed and Fabricated Metal garden edging.
3 Finishes, Gal, Corten and Zam

8 Profile heights ranging from 75mm to 580mm. Product sheets available.

Zam has a higher corrosion resistance than Gal, great to use especially within a 2 km of the coastline.

ELEGANT: A seamless line with virtually invisible joints, hidden connectors and stakes.

SHAPEABLE: Create the shapes you want, from intricate curves to endless straight lines, and right angle bends without the need to cut and join.

STRONG: Stronger that aluminium and traditional edging materials. Flexible prior to installation.

DURABLE: Steel does not crack, split, rot, or dint and it’s guaranteed to last for at least 10 years.

SAFE: The rolled top hides the connectors and stakes, so you can’t injure yourself.

APPLICATIONS: Suitable for footpaths, driveways, retaining walls, garden beds and steps.

CHOICE: Available in three finishes, eight different heights and four gauges.

CORTEN: For a durable designer weathered finish. At first, Corten steel appears dark grey once the oil break down, over time you’ll get an even rusted coating. (average: 1-3 months).

Expected Life Span 15-40 years. Lifespan is highly dependent on external conditions, including drainage, application and existing soil conditions.

GALVANISED: For budget edging that’s strong and durable. Stronger than aluminium, and traditional edging. Flexible prior to installation.

ZAM: The ultimate self – healing durable edge guaranteed for 15 years. (Stainless steel can be ordered on request).

All Lengths are 2.44m

All profile heights 150mm and below, it is recommended at least 1/2 of the edging to be buried in the ground.

All profile heights above 185mm it is recommended 1/3 of the edging to be buried in the ground.

Lenghts with the profile of 150mm and below, all angles can be bent on site. All profile heights 185mm and above require the purchase of corner pieces.

All profile heights can be curved to a radius of 800mm on site. Tight Curves, special angles and custom work – please call us for help and pricing.

Stakes come in 8 different sizes. Default is 3 stakes per length, but it is recommended 4 stakes per length for straight runs of 230mm profile height and above.

The general rule is the stake is to be twice as long as the profile height (eg 185mm profile height use the 400mm stakes).

When using the 390mm and 580mm lengths for retaining purposes it is recommended that the stakes be concreted in.

Installation Tips:

Place the connector on your leading end prior to connecting both lenghts.

If working to a line, set pegs approx 1000 above your finished height so you can tap the lengths down to achieve an accurate and solid finish.

When connecting the lengths together use a clamp on the connection joint to make joining even more of a breeze



Galvanised and Redcore Formboss.

We now have a bender device for hire to make the corners or 45 deg angles. It can be hired by the day.  This will eliminate the purchase of corners pieces and the angles can be done on site.

We keep a range of the different heights in stock. All Rings are ordered in and take approx: 1 week to get.

The different heights for the Formboss are: (Both Galv and Redcore)

75mm  –   240mm Stakes          230mm – 600mm Stakes x 3

100mm – 240mm Stakes          290mm – 600mm Stakes x 4

150mm  – 300mm Stales          390mm – 800mm Stakes x 4

185mm  – 400mm Stakes         580mm – 1200mm Stakes x 4

Standard Ring Diameters: For all the heights:







Form Boss Garden Installation