Cypress Timber

Australian Cypress Pine

Australian Cypress Timbers in Canberra

Cypress has been used for all building applications from the days of the earliest pioneers and today is still one our premium building timbers. Cypress is harvested using sustainable management of Australian cypress forests that comply with Australian Forestry Standards. (AS 4708). Australian Standards recognises world’s best practice.

Durable Australian Cypress Pine

The benefits of using Australian Cypress are:

  • Durability – Australian Cypress is rated as Durability Class 2 in ground use, and Class 1 for above ground use making it resistant to decay. In ground 15-25 years, Above ground 15-40 years.
  • Termite resistance – Australian Cypress is one of the few timbers that are naturally resistant to termite attack. No added chemicals are needed to resist termites and weather exposure.
  • Minimal shrinkage – natural shrinkage of Australian Cypress is very low, which means that applications such as bearers and joists will be very stable for many years to come.
  • Unique character – Australian Cypress have unique characteristics, which are distinctly different from other species of timber.

Australian Cypress in Decking

Cypress Decking

Cypress Decking 90 x 20 with pencil round edges and kiln dried, Being durable and not requiring chemical treatment it is ideal for domestic or commercial decking and can be oiled to provide a natural appearance or painted to any colour. It is commonly available in 500 lineal metre packs but can be supplied in broken packs if required (supplied in random lengths).

Australian Cypress in Fencing


Australian cypress is highly regarded for feature fencing applications where its high durability both in and above ground makes it a natural choice. We can supply shiplap fencing boards which make a great private fence without gaps. 100 x 25 x 1.8.

Retaining Walls

When it comes to retaining walls, landscape design, and construction, timber is the natural choice. A material that is durable, sturdy and reliable, it boasts natural aesthetics that help it blend seamlessly with the outdoors. Careful consideration during the specification and design process will facilitate the creation of a long lasting durable and eye catching timber retaining wall that will complement its surrounding landscape for many years to come.

Pre drilling is recommended when using Cypress.

Many sizes are available on pre ordering, but sizes kept in stock are 2.4 x 150 x 75 and 3.0 x 150 x 75, and 2.4 x 100 x 100 and 3.0 x 100 x 100.