Your Guide to Natural Stone Paving

Whether you’re constructing a commercial or residential property, natural stone pavers add aesthetic appeal and a unique facade to your surroundings. Natural stone supplies are popular landscaping materials because of their timeless look, stylish finish, durability, low maintenance and sustainability.  


Wholesale Sleeper Co. shares a comprehensive guide if you want to transform your outdoor space using natural stone pavers:


What are natural stone pavers?


Natural stone paving is an outdoor paver used for patios, pool areas, and backyard pavements. The materials used in these pavers are not manufactured in a plant but rather mined at quarries, resulting in various sizes, colours and textures. 


Types of natural stone pavers include:


  • Travertine – A beautiful natural paver with variations in colour, patterns and veining. It is non-slip and cool to touch on hot days, making it perfect for pool surrounds.


  • Limestone – A popular choice for having fewer surface holes and natural variations in patterns and colours. It is also non-slip and cooler to walk on bare feet on hot summer days, ideal to lay around pools. 


  • Porcelain – A great stone paver with no maintenance needed. It is strong, durable and non-slip, making it suitable for pool surrounds and outdoor entertainment areas. 


  • Marble – A popular choice for pool surrounds, patios, walkways and outdoor entertainment areas for its durability and beautiful patterns. 


  • Granite – One of the most popular natural stone pavers because of its versatility, scratch-resistant feature and elegant appearance. It can be used in paths, entertainment areas, countertops, stair treads and more. 


Uses of natural stone pavers


With its high resistance to wearing and tearing, natural stone pavers have many uses. It’s a great choice for building a fish pond in your garden, an irregular stepping stone or mosaic walkways in your backyard, a beautiful raised garden bed, an impressive fireplace, or anti-slip paving for your pool area. 


Benefits of using natural stone pavers


With its timeless elegance and durability, natural stone pavers have innumerable benefits. Each piece has unique colour and texture, giving your landscaping project a classy and luxurious appearance. Regardless of how much they mature, fade or age, the beauty of natural stone pavers is preserved. For those looking for sustainable material, this paver is ecological and environmentally friendly. 

If you need natural stone pavers to transform your backyard, reach out to Wholesale Sleeper Co. We’re the leading landscape supply company in Canberra with a wide range of natural stone pavers to match your overall design. Call our experts for a quote today.

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