Winter Landscaping Tips for 2022

Australia’s climate allows us to spend a lot of time outdoors all year round, even during the winter season. Aussies love to entertain and invite family or friends to their homes for parties or informal gatherings. However, you should make a few adjustments to prepare your outdoor area for the colder months. 

In this article, Wholesale Sleeper Co. shares winter landscaping ideas for your outdoor space:


1. Extend your living space by building a patio

During mild winter months or when the weather is nice, the patio is the perfect place to gather around. As long as the ground is not frozen, you could install pavers to build a patio. Whether it’s large or small, your patio should ideally blend with the look of your home, becoming an extension of it. 

Depending on your overall design, there are lots of available concrete pavers and clay pavers to build your dream patio, including natural stone pavers, Stradascape® Pavers, PGH Clay Pavers, and more. 


2. Warm it up with a backyard fire pit

Your winter landscaping project is not complete without a source of heat. A backyard fire pit adds a stunning statement piece to your outdoor space. It can transform your backyard into a warm, cosy and inviting space. 

From railway fish plates with decors to concrete blocks or retaining wall blocks, you can create a fire pit to match the style of your outdoor space. A fire pit is an excellent feature in any backyard that requires lesser maintenance. 


3. Protect your garden through mulching

Mulching in winter is a popular practice to protect your plants. It moderates the soil temperature, keeping the surface roots of your plants cool and moist. You should take advantage of the winter temperature to help insulate plants from rapid freezing and thawing. 

Decorative mulches are available in various selections to suit your garden, including Forest Mulch Fresh, Cypress Mulch, Euci Mulch or bagged mulches, which are suited for a small-scale yard. 

If you want to upgrade your outdoor area this winter, reach out to Wholesale Sleeper Co. We’re a landscape supply company in Queanbeyan and across Canberra, with a complete range of landscaping materials to help you achieve your dream outdoor project. Contact us today for enquiries, or to request a quote. 

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