Why Choose Concrete Retaining Walls For Your Garden

Retaining walls not only contribute to the structural beauty of your yard but in its utility as well. After all, not all home landscapes are the same, with some having unnatural and steep slopes. While this may not seem too big of a problem, unnatural slopes can cause the soil to shift, leading to several problems. Building a durable retaining wall is one of the best and most effective ways of containing unnatural slopes.

When it comes to retaining wall blocks, concrete is among the top choices as it offers a variety of unique advantages. These include:

Strength and Durability. Concrete is extremely strong and durable, qualities that you want in a structure that’s supposed to hold up tons of earth and water on a daily basis. Rest assured, a concrete retaining wall can stand up to the test of time and last up to a century or longer. While your concrete wall may need maintenance from time to time, it won’t be as frequent as other materials. Any signs of wear and tear in the wall can be patched with mortar, so you won’t have to worry about replacements any time soon.

Excellent Resistance. Since retaining walls are outdoors, they have to be well-equipped to brave its harsh elements. Concrete is not only resistant to the freeze-thaw cycle during winter, but it’s also fireproof, rot-proof, rustproof and even waterproof. Well-maintained retaining walls are even able to withstand extreme climatic ill-effects and are exceptionally resistant to road salts.

Flexibility. Concrete sleepers are extremely versatile to use. They allow you to build angles, curves or even staircases into the design of your retaining wall with ease. This makes them a popular choice among homeowners looking to sculpt and improve the beauty of their landscaping without sacrificing practicality.

Aesthetic Appeal. Concrete was generally not favoured in the past for its boring gray colour. However, thanks to developments in its manufacturing process, you can say goodbye to the drab concrete of yesterday and choose from a wide range of design and colour possibilities. Not satisfied with changing the colour alone? Concrete can also be made to look like a variety of other materials including stone.

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