Why a retaining wall is essential during winter

Retaining walls are an excellent solution to maintain the soil at two different elations, resisting lateral loads caused by earth pressure. It also adds value to your home by offering gorgeous landscapes and increasing useful outdoor space. Wholesale Sleeper Co. shares more reasons to build a retaining wall, especially for winter. 

  • Preventing soil erosion

Retaining walls are the ideal solution to protecting your landscape from water damage and erosion. Proper drainage is required to ensure that your retaining walls can effectively prevent soil erosion rather than cause issues such as pooling and ground being swept to lower areas. 

  • Protecting plants and landscapes from the wind

The alcoves created by retaining walls can protect vulnerable plants that are sensitive to wind and harsh weather conditions during winter. It serves as an excellent windbreaker for flower beds, garden walls and patios. 

  • Managing effects of temperature fluctuations

During winter, the temperature fluctuates causing melting and refreezing of snow and rain. Moisture then seeps into the concrete of your foundation, causing the concrete to crack. With the high-quality, dense material of your retaining wall, the risk of cracking can be avoided. 


Types of retaining walls for winter

There are various types of retaining wall systems available with different surface appearances and styles:

  • Retaining wall blocks – These blocks are highly functional and can be used for both decorative and structural purposes. They can withstand harsh weather conditions and last for a lifetime.
  • Concrete retaining walls – These provide a long-lasting solution for structures that are in contact with the soil and exposed to moistening and drying. 

Winter can be the perfect time to build your retaining walls because the ground is soft and easy to mould. Wholesale Sleeper Co is a landscape supply company in Canberra providing a wide range of high-quality retaining wall blocks in various colours, sizes and finishes. Contact us today for enquiries.

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