Tips to Keep Your Garden Healthy During Winter

Some homeowners tend to not prioritise the maintenance of their garden or landscapes in winter and attempt to make up for it in spring. However, you need to consider that your garden needs help to survive the colder months due to heavy rains and reduced sun exposure. You may also want to take this time to renovate your outdoor spaces for the upcoming seasons. 

Here are some tips for keeping a healthy garden and beautiful outdoor spaces during winter:

  • Winter cleaning

During the winter months, it is important to make sure that your garden is clean to keep it in the best conditions. Clearing away fallen leaves, twigs, and other plant debris can help in maintaining your garden. You may also consider installing garden edging blocks and cleaning up plant beds. 


  • Decking

Winter is the perfect time to prepare your outdoor spaces for the warm season. One ideal option to connect your indoor living space to the outdoors is decking. The right choice of material will help enhance your outdoor space, matching the styles and colours of your home design. 


  • Mulching

Take advantage of the amount of wet season during winter and ensure the surface roots of your plants are protected by applying garden mulch. Mulch helps moderate the soil temperature, keeping the roots of your plants cool and moist. It also helps prevent soil erosion and help your plants survive in harsh and windy conditions. 

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