Tips for Designing the Perfect Garden Path

A garden path connects your outdoor area to various areas in your home. It may be a path from the garden to the pool or garage. Whether you plan to build a garden path or renovate an old one, choosing the right landscaping supplies impacts the overall design of your backyard.

In this article, Wholesale Sleeper Co shares tips on designing a garden path in your backyard.

  • Create a layout

Consider the access routes and practical purpose of the garden path. Whether for aesthetic or functional reasons, you should determine the intent of building a path. Is it for leisurely stroll or to prevent people from stepping on the garden beds? Consider the curves and width—does it have space for two people to walk through?

  • Ensure stability of the garden path

Once you’ve decided on the layout and purpose for building your garden path, you should ensure building a durable and beautiful pathway to avoid costly maintenance. Consult or get assistance from landscape experts when installing your pavers, especially if it’s a DIY landscaping project.

  • Choose your materials carefully

The use of materials can greatly impact the overall appearance and durability of your garden path. Concrete pavers with square and rectangular tiles are often used to create a formal garden path. For informal paths, clay pavers can be used,  which provides a natural and casual feel to the space. natural stone pavers add an aesthetic appeal to stepping stone paths.

If you’re planning to build or update your garden path, look for a landscape supply company that offers a wide variety of pavers to suit your layout and design. Wholesale Sleeper Co is one of the largest suppliers of pavers in Queanbeyan, providing expert advice and paving solutions to suit your project and budget. Contact us today to request a quote.

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