The Different Kinds of Sleepers

Landscaping sleepers come in different styles and materials that make them a popular choice for a variety of garden landscaping projects, home renovations and even furniture designs. If you’re interested in using sleepers for your next project, here are the different kinds of sleepers you should consider:


Concrete Sleepers

Concrete sleepers are durable, which makes them perfect for retaining walls. The strength of concrete allows you to build higher walls, and you don’t need to worry about pests later on because it’s termite safe. This quality of concrete will also make it easier for you because it requires no maintenance. Aside from retaining walls, concrete sleepers are also used for creating garden walls, vegetable patches, levelling sloped land and minimising erosion.


Timber Sleepers

They offer the natural beauty of real timber that is ideal in building cost-effective landscaping projects. Due to its affordability, Timber sleepers are a great alternative to concrete for building sleeper retaining walls

Timber sleepers can add dimensions to your garden by creating raised flower beds. Combining weathered timber sleepers – used railway sleepers with new timber sleepers can add an eye-catching feature to your garden. 

Whether it’s for raised vegetable beds, garden steps, raised ponds or retaining walls, sleepers can help you achieve a beautiful landscape. 

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