The Best Decorative Mulch for Your Garden

Using mulch is one of the best ways to maintain a healthy garden, but did you know that certain types can also be great additions to your garden decor? Here are 4 types of decorative mulches for gardens as well as some tips that you need to consider when choosing the right type of mulch decoration.

1. Tan Bark and Cypress Mulch

This organic type of mulch comes from the bark of trees. It is removed and composted for a few months before it’s further chopped into smaller pieces and sold in a bulk. Tan Bark mulch is ideal for shrubs, trees and perennial beds. However, mulch tends to compact, so you need to bust them up every now and then so air and water can flow freely. And it looks great as well!
Choose from a wide range of mulch from Wholesale Sleeper Co., from cypress mulch to fresh forest mulch, to decorate your garden while keeping it healthy and clean.

2. Shredded Leaves/ Forest Litter

If you’re surrounded by trees, falling leaves can be turned into a useful mulch for gardens too. This free resource can be shredded just by using a lawn mower with a bagger and spread them across your garden. It’s best suited in flower beds, shrub borders where the leaves fall naturally.
Alternatively buying Forest Litter which is Tree Surgeon Mulch (it can vary daily) provides a cost effective mulch for your garden. Great where you have gum trees and falling leaves as they blend into your mulch.

3. Tea Tree Mulch, Sugar Cane Mulch, Pea Straw.

These great mulches are conveniently available in bags and the Pea straw in a hay bale. They are easy to spread and great for the Vegi Garden bed.

4. Decorative Pebbles

This sturdy option for mulch decoration is a great addition for paths, and other plants.
While this is a one time investment since you do not need to constantly maintain them, pebbles are best left for open bed and path areas that need a bit of natural decor.

Still wondering what kind of decorative mulch will best fit your garden? Talk to a landscaper who can provide excellent advice on what you need. When you’re ready to use some mulch, talk to us at Wholesale Sleeper Co. for your landscaping supplies in Queanbeyan. Visit our site for more information.

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