The Best and Most Creative Uses for Sleepers

Sleepers are often associated with retaining walls, and while there’s no doubt that retaining walls are arguably their most popular application, sleepers are versatile materials can be used in other unconventional and creative ways in the garden. Wholesale Sleepers shares how you can use different landscaping sleepers in new ways:

Sleepers for Veggie and Flower Beds

Vegetable and flower beds are wonderful additions to your landscape, as they are both aesthetically pleasing and practical. Improve their uniformity and increase their appeal by framing your beds using sleepers. Make sure the sleepers you use have not been treated with any chemicals, preservatives or stains that can seep into the soil and contaminate it.

For plant beds, Wholesale Sleepers’ Eco Sleepers are your best choice! These are specially treated with MicroPro technology, a non-arsenic based preservative that enhances the look and life span of your sleepers. Our Eco Sleepers mimic the beauty of an authentic CCA treated pine without the chemicals! Both start as a lush green then weathers to a more distinguished grey over time. Eco pine sleepers are another excellent choice for garden beds. They are designed for lasting protection against termites and decay, making them an ideal choice for veggie beds.

Sleepers for Playgrounds and Garden Edging

Having a fun and safe playground for your children and grandchildren to play in is important, and the right sleepers can help you achieve that. Because young children are naturally very curious, it’s best that you choose sleepers that are non-toxic and free from any chemicals that may pose a threat to them.

Eco Sleepers are an excellent choice for this application. These treated pine products are protected with a copper-based timber preservative that is safe for close human contact and domestic pets. These sleepers are also quite durable, which means they can handle the rough and tumble play of children.

Sleepers for Retaining Walls

If you’re planning on building a sleeper retaining wall, the most important thing you need are sleepers that are thick enough for your project. With a fixed 2.4m length, increased durability and an improved ability to withstand the harsh elements compared to traditional timber sleepers, concrete sleepers are a popular choice among homeowners. We offer concrete sleepers in a wide range of colours and textures, allowing you to play around with their style to complement your home.

When in need of quality sleepers, look no further than Wholesale Sleepers Co. We carry a varied selection of sleepers in different materials, thicknesses and price points to match your needs. Send an enquiry today!

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