The Benefits of Mulching in Autumn

Autumn makes everyone experience the transformation of the outdoors. It’s a great time to take care of your garden. One of the most effective ways of doing this is through mulching. It can be done at any time of the year, but autumn is perfect because the soil is warm, allowing you to keep the moisture. 


What is a garden mulch

Decorative mulch is a protective layer spread over the soil and around the plants to cover it. The process helps reduce soil erosion and prevents weeds from growing. It’s one of the most effective soil supplements for your garden.

Depending on your preference, different types of mulches can give your garden the following benefits:

1. Conserves soil moisture

Adding mulch to the soil keeps it from drying out or cracking. It also reduces the need for frequent watering. 

2. Stop weeds from growing

Mulching can reduce and stop the growth of weeds. Before you apply mulch, it’s essential to ensure you remove the overgrown weeds first. 

3. Provide additional nutrients to the soil

Over time, mulching with organic matter breaks down into the soil, improving the soil’s texture and fertility. 

4. Maintains the soil temperature

Mulch provides a more consistent soil temperature through changes in season, allowing your plants to thrive in a more reliable condition. It keeps the soil cool on warm days and warm on cold nights. 

5. Prevents soil erosion

The additional layer protects the underlying soil from erosion. It mulch breaks the fall of water, lessening the impact of water when it falls. It also prevents soil run-off and erosion by wind, sunlight and rain.

6. Protection from pests

Specific types of mulch control certain pests. Rougher mulch materials deter slugs and snails. For instance, cypress mulch is considered to be termite repellant.

7. Adds aesthetic appeal to the garden

Decorative mulches improve the look of the garden by giving a finished and clean look. It’s easy to maintain and compliment your plants. 

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