Taking Care of Your Home’s Exterior During Winter

taking care of your homes exterior during winter
Winter is upon us and as we cosy up in our homes around a fireplace, hot cocoa in hand, we like to believe that this season gives us more reason to take care of our exteriors to avoid damage that we’ll see during spring.

If you haven’t already, make a quick trip to your landscaping supply store to buy the necessary items to maintain your lawn and paved surfaces during this time. 

If you don’t know where to start with winter care and maintenance for your exteriors, we at Wholesale Sleeper Co have a few important reminders for taking care of your yard and everything else in it.


1. Seal Paved Surfaces

Pavers absorb water – even in its frozen state – and during winter, it can damage paved surfaces. Furthermore, moss grows on moist surfaces and can contribute to further deterioration.

To prevent moisture from seeping into your pavers, it’s good to practise sealing them against staining and water damage.

Pro tip: Avoid using salt on pavers to melt the ice. While this method is used for roads, we at Wholesale Sleeper Co don’t recommend it on pavers as they can absorb the moisture in salt and then refreeze – leading to unwanted cracks and other types of damage. If you do plan on de-freezing your pavers, look for sand instead.

Talk to your nearest landscape material supplier for paver care options.


2. Don’t Water Too Much

Gardening doesn’t take too much effort during winter except for the occasional raking should dead leaves continue falling from trees. You’ll know when to water your lawn when the leaves start curling up – an indication that they’re drying up. If you’re up to it, you can wake up before the sun rises to do a bit of watering to keep your lawn green even during winter.


3. Practise an Outdoor Maintenance Routine

From shovelling snow out of the driveway to de-weeding your lawn, it’s essential to have a regular outdoor maintenance routine. Not only will you decrease the chances of dealing with pests and mould during the cold season, but you’ll also have to worry less about a major spring cleaning.

Taking care of your yard during winter is a must and should not be ignored. Wholesale Sleeper Co, a trusted landscaping supply store in Queanbeyan, NSW, delivering a wide range of landscape supplies from pavers for your patio to blocks for your retaining wall. Talk to us for advice regarding paver and landscaping winter care. Contact us on our website for enquiries or to ask for a quote.

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