Setting Up Your Patio for the Holidays

With the holidays approaching, now is the perfect time to convert your outdoor place into a beautiful entertainment or party area for enjoying this festive season with family and friends. One of the easiest and inexpensive ways to set up your patio for the holidays is installing patio pavers in your backyard.


Here are some tips for setting up your patio:


1. Choose the right landscape pavers style. 


Patio pavers have different types, colours, shapes, sizes and patterns, providing you with endless styling options. However, you need to consider which paver will suit your budget and your home’s overall architectural design. Find a landscape supply company that can provide you with various style options.


At Wholesale Sleepers Co., we have the widest variety of paver in Canberra to match any landscape from traditional to contemporary styles. Our experts can advise you on selecting a paver style to match your home while keeping within your budget.


2. Install durable and low maintenance patio pavers.


Aside from setting up your pavers for the holidays, it’s also better to have durable patios so you don’t need to replace them for every celebration or gatherings you’ll have. Durable and low maintenance pavers can withstand damage from moisture, tough weather conditions and resist high PSI (Pounds per Square Inch) pressure. 


These pavers can retain their beauty for years without having to worry about surface cracking, spotting or discolouration of pavers.


3. Use festive decorations on your patio.


Make your outdoor space more festive by adding holiday decorations around your patio. Use twinkling and pergola lights, mistletoes, strings, and other decorative elements to brighten up your backyard. You can also set up hot cocoa or wine stations for your guests to enjoy. 


If you need help enhancing your patio for the holidays, reach out to Wholesale Sleepers Co. We’re one of the largest paving suppliers in Canberra, with an extensive selection of striking concrete, clay and travertine pavers that can add character to any home. We can provide you with the most affordable pavers from a few to larger quantities. Call our experts for a quote today for your landscaping and home renovation needs.

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