Preparing your Outdoor Area for Summer Using Natural Stone Pavers

Summer is all about spending time with your family and friends while enjoying the outdoors. There are various landscaping solutions available to get your outdoor space summer-ready. One of the most practical ways to upgrade your outdoor area is using natural stone pavers

This type of paver can transform any outdoor space quickly by do-it-yourself installation involving digging the area for the pavers, adding bedding sand, levelling the surface, and positioning the pavers from one end to the other. You also have the option of expanding the paved area if preferred.

While there are many landscape pavers, Wholesale Sleepers Co recommends using the following natural stone paver in preparing your outdoor area for summer:

1. Travertine Pavers

Travertine is one of the most popular natural stone supplies because of its luxurious character and unique colour and pattern variations.  It is also an in-demand and practical choice for pool builders because it remains cool to touch in hot weather and non-slip, making it an ideal landscaping material, especially during summer. 

2. Limestone Pavers

Like Travertine, Limestone pavers are among the popular choice of natural stone pavers. It has fewer surface holes than Travertine but still has natural variations in patterns and colours. They are cooler to walk on with bare feet on those hot summer days than other masonry pavers. 

3. Sandstone Pavers

Sandstone is practical and durable natural stone pavers for your landscaping projects. With its elegant patterns and wide range of colours, Sandstone Pavers can certainly brighten up any outdoor space, perfect for your entertainment area during summer. 

If you’re considering buying natural stone pavers in Canberra to upgrade your outdoor space, reach out to Wholesale Sleepers Co. We have a wide range of natural stone pavers to prepare your outdoor space for the summer season. Call our experts for a quote today for your landscaping and home renovation needs.

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