DIY Landscaping Projects Using Sleepers

Landscaping sleepers are a great and affordable way to upgrade the look of your property without any major renovations or costs. With a touch of resourcefulness, this simple landscaping material can help refurbish and update the look of your lawn. Wholesale Sleepers shares three simple DIY projects you can try:   Add Garden Edging Garden [...]

How Retaining Walls Can Complement Your Property

Retaining walls are an excellent property investment. They are not only functional, but can also improve your property’s landscaping. Wholesale Sleepers stocks a broad range of retaining wall blocks that are perfect for a variety of aesthetic and practical applications. Here are some of the best benefits of installing retaining walls on your property: [...]

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Creative Ways to Decorate with Pavers

You can do so much with concrete pavers. Aside from using them for practical applications such as sturdy surfaces for driveways and swimming areas, you can also use them as decorative additions to your garden. If you’re wondering how to use them to spruce up your backyard, here are some ideas for you. 1. Concrete [...]

Landscaping Supplies to Use in Your Garden

DIY landscaping projects are fun endeavours to take on but sometimes it can be difficult to know which type of landscaping product you’ll need to enhance your garden. If you’re looking for the right landscaping supplies, be sure to choose the right landscape shop that carries all your needs.  1. Mulch There are two kinds [...]

How To Repair & Reinforce Retaining Walls

There are many types of materials used for a landscape retaining wall, but the most common ones would be concrete, bricks and stones.  A concrete retaining wall prevents soil erosion and adds a planting bed among others. They require one of the most cost-effective materials on the market and are easy to install.  On the [...]

Can Pavers Increase Property Value?

If you’re planning to sell your home, you should consider making a list of home improvement projects to add value to your property. One project you should heavily consider is installing or updating your concrete pavers. You ask yourself, can pavers increase property value? Short answer: Yes, they can. Here are 4 reasons why pavers [...]

The Best Decorative Mulch for Your Garden

Using mulch is one of the best ways to maintain a healthy garden, but did you know that certain types can also be great additions to your garden decor? Here are 4 types of decorative mulches for gardens as well as some tips that you need to consider when choosing the right type of mulch [...]