The Best and Most Creative Uses for Sleepers

Sleepers are often associated with retaining walls, and while there’s no doubt that retaining walls are arguably their most popular application, sleepers are versatile materials can be used in other unconventional and creative ways in the garden. Wholesale Sleepers shares how you can use different landscaping sleepers in new ways: Sleepers for Veggie and Flower [...]

How to Use Decorative Mulch in Your Garden

Mulches refer to any material that’s laid over the soil’s surface to cover and protect. Some of the common benefits of mulch include retaining the moisture in the soil, suppressing weeds and improving the aesthetic appeal of garden beds. Organic-type mulches even improve the fertility of the soil when they decompose. Planning on using garden [...]

How to Properly Use Box Trailers

Box trailers are a handyman’s best friend. They’re affordable, user-friendly, practical and can be used to transport anything from garden landscaping products like mulches and pavers to tools for the worksite. They are also relatively easy to set up and connect to your vehicle, just make sure that you are buying quality for durability and [...]

How to Properly Build a Sandpit

One of the problems with children nowadays is their reliance on technology for fun and leisure. However, this is not solely their fault, as oftentimes, parents are more than happy to leave their child with a gadget to play with and distract them for a few hours while they carry on with their responsibilities. By [...]

How to Build Retaining Walls

Retaining walls can be built for both practical and aesthetic purposes. In areas that experience significant stormwater build up, a concrete retaining wall creates a sturdy slope, allowing water to drain freely. That said, retaining walls should be constructed on a firm foundation. Otherwise, they wouldn’t last very long. Here are a few tips to [...]