Landscaping Supplies to Use in Your Garden

DIY landscaping projects are fun endeavours to take on but sometimes it can be difficult to know which type of landscaping product you’ll need to enhance your garden. If you’re looking for the right landscaping supplies, be sure to choose the right landscape shop that carries all your needs. 

1. Mulch

Decorative Stone in 20mm Bugendore Gold
There are two kinds of mulch: organic (Bark, Chip, shredded trees- Forest Litter) and inorganic (landscape fabric, Pebbles). Whether you use one or the other, their benefits are numerous. 

Use them as covering for soil to reduce weed growth and water loss and to regulate soil temperature. Furthermore, mulch reduces soil erosion and, if you use the organic kind, becomes food for the soil when broken down.

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2. Pavers

chestnut clay pavers
If you’re planning to enhance your outdoor entertainment area by adding a garden path or a patio or if you want to switch from a cemented driveway to something that looks great, you can’t go wrong with installing pavers. 

They’re durable and long lasting, and a choice of driveway safe pavers,  and a large variety for foot traffic. They’re also cost-effective in the long run and are easy to install.

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3. Sleepers

Eco Wood Sleepers
From the railroad to your own home, sleepers are often used for garden paths and edging, added decoration or support for retaining walls.  You can even build garden chairs out of sleepers too!

Sleepers are great additions to your landscaping project because they’re cost-effective and add character to your garden. They can bear a great amount of weight, are easy to install and maintain.

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4. Retaining Wall Blocks

a stone wall with bushes and bushes
A retaining wall serves two purposes: to hold the soil behind it in order to prevent soil erosion and to give you more landscaping options in your garden. Retaining wall blocks come in different textures and colours to suit your needs.

Whether you have a small or large garden area, building a retaining wall has its advantages. Aside from preventing soil erosion, they also reduce garden maintenance – thereby reducing your gardening tasks. They also prevent sinkholes that can further damage your garden by making sure that soil and water don’t wear away the surface.

Learn more about the advantages of retaining wall blocks.

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