How to Use Decorative Mulch in Your Garden

Mulches refer to any material that’s laid over the soil’s surface to cover and protect. Some of the common benefits of mulch include retaining the moisture in the soil, suppressing weeds and improving the aesthetic appeal of garden beds. Organic-type mulches even improve the fertility of the soil when they decompose. Planning on using garden mulch in your landscape design? Here are a few tips from Wholesale Sleepers to help you make the most of this addition:

Choose the Right Kind of Mulch

There are two main types of mulch, the inorganic and the organic kind. The latter includes any formerly living material like straw, wood chips, chopped leaves and paper. Inorganic mulch, on the other hand, includes geotextiles and Pebbles. Both kinds discourage weed growth when used, but organic mulches help fertilise the soil while inorganic mulches do not. Inorganic mulch, however, can warm the soil, keeping heat-loving plants cozy even at night.

Knowing the different types of mulch can help you select the best one for your landscape design. Here are a few of the most common mulches you can choose from:

Wood Chips

Wood chips from natural to dyed in colour and shredded leaves (forest litter) can be used all over your property, but they are often preferred as decorative mulch for their natural aesthetic appeal. These are used to boost the attractiveness of garden pathways, shade gardens and flower beds. These can also be used in annual flower beds, but since you would be digging these up anyway, it’s best to not put anything on the soil’s surface at all as these can get in the way.


Hay is a great choice for the vegetable garden but is also popular for its beautiful golden colour and in helping to retain the moisture in the soil. Just make sure that the hay you are using is weed and seed free, as these can spell trouble for your garden. Sugar Cane and Tea Tree Mulch are good options as they are finely cut up and easy to put around vegetables. Sugar Cane and Tea Tree Mulch are easy to transport as the bales are wrapped in plastic. Avoid piling hay up to the stems of vegetables, as they provide a way for slugs and rodents to reach your crops.


Pebbles also make a great Mulch. They look attractive with different colours and sizes to choose from, and as they don’t break down like the mulches do, they need very little topping up in the future.

Mulch offers as much practical as aesthetic benefits. For quality decorative stone mulch for your garden, get in touch with Wholesale Sleepers. We can provide you with a varied selection of mulches to meet your landscaping needs.

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