How To Repair & Reinforce Retaining Walls

There are many types of materials used for a landscape retaining wall, but the most common ones would be concrete, bricks and stones. 

A concrete retaining wall prevents soil erosion and adds a planting bed among others. They require one of the most cost-effective materials on the market and are easy to install. 

On the other hand, brick retaining wall blocks have the same advantages as a concrete retaining wall but due to their flexibility and numerous designs available. They beautify your garden easily and reduces yard maintenance in the long run.

Retaining walls do wear down over time and must be repaired and reinforced. Failing to plan a proper retaining wall may result in damage to your garden or may topple over completely. 

Here’s a list of things to do when you need to repair or reinforce your retaining wall.


1. Prepare Drainage

If your retaining wall is experiencing damage due to water leaking at the base, then you may need to repair the drainage pipe. 

All retaining walls should have a perforated drainage pipe covered in gravel to eliminate groundwater from washing the wall out and creating unwanted floods. Apply your gravel 4 inches deep so it’s below the frost line. The drainage pipe should be laid down at the base of the wall.


2. Build a Concrete Wall

For brick retaining wall blocks, if you notice holes between each brick block or at the centre, you’ll need to reinforce your wall with concrete fill. 

Follow the instructions on how to mix concrete and once you have a pudding-like consistency, place rebar in the holes of the bricks.

You may skip this in case your bricks are solid.


3. Set Rebar

Rebar increases the strength of any structure. It can also be used as a bracing material for brick retaining walls – place rebar on each side of your retaining wall and put new rebar sets staggered between the previous set. 


4. Landscape

Finally, when you’re done making sure that your retaining walls are reinforced, design it in such a way that it will be durable and solid. You can use timber to further reinforce your retaining wall to do this. Give your retaining walls a new life with Wholesale Sleeper’s wide selection of retaining wall blocks available at their location. First time creating a retaining wall? Learn how to construct one on our tutorial page. Get in touch with our team today for further enquiries.

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