How to Properly Lay Pavers

Whether it’s for a patio or a driveway, you can’t go wrong with pavers in Queanbeyan. They are versatile, stylish, durable and affordable. They also make a great spot for entertaining. It’s important, however, to lay your pavers properly to ensure beauty and durability. While you can turn to a professional for the proper installation, you can save a great deal, and feel a sense of accomplishment, if you do it yourself. Wholesale Sleepers Co explains how:

Prepare the Site

Your pavers need to be installed on a sturdy surface, as changes in the soil can cause it to shift. You can even fill in loose areas with a cement mix to create a stable base. To ensure that your pavers won’t be affected by water runoffs, they should be installed at a slope of about 20mm per metre. If they are to be installed against a building, a minimum slope of 25mm is necessary.

Once you’ve selected an area, excavate it deep enough to allow room for a base layer, bedding sand, and the paver itself. A thickness of 100-150mm is needed for a thick base especially for a driveway, and less for foot traffic only and another 30mm for the bedding sand. When done, spread the base to an even thickness with a mechanical plate compactor and use a spirit level to check whether the surface is level or not.

Create a Guide

Since foundations and curbs are never actually completely straight, it can be difficult to lay your pavers in a straight line all throughout free handed. To ensure that your pavers are properly installed in a smooth line, run a string approximately one paver away from the wall. Hammer it in place then measure the distance between the wall and the string. This will serve as your first mark. Afterwards, mark the same distance on the opposite side of the paver area, hammer a nail in and run a string from this point to the other nail.

No need to worry about having obvious gaps against the wall when the project is finished, as this small of a gap won’t be seen when all the pavers have been laid down. You want professional looking results, and a guiding line can help you avoid crooked installations.

Start Laying Pavers

Spread a 30mm layer of mortar on the area where you’ll be laying the paver, put the paver on top and flush it with a string line. Gently knock the paver into place with a rubber mallet and check to see if it’s level. If it’s not, you can gently tap it with the mallet to even out the surface. Clean off excess mortar by wiping it down with a damp sponge. It’s important to do this while the mortar is still wet, as it will be difficult to get it off when you are done. You can also cut pavers into smaller sizes and reposition them if necessary. Take note to leave at least a 5mm gap between each paver when laying. If you’re paving up a slope, we recommend starting at the bottom first to prevent the freshly laid pavers from sliding off.

Add the Finishing Touches

Follow the same technique of cutting, laying and cleaning all throughout until you have paved the entire area. Make sure to check if each paver you lay down follows the string line you have created as a guide and is level with the previous ones. Sweep jointing sand over the dry pavers to ensure that all joints are full and allow your newly installed pavers to set for at least 24 hours.

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