How to Properly Build the Perfect Sandpit

One of the problems with children nowadays is their reliance on technology for fun and leisure. However, this is not solely their fault, as oftentimes, parents are more than happy to leave their child with a gadget to play with and distract them for a few hours while they carry on with their responsibilities. By providing your child with an alternative activity as a past time that’s both safe and fun, you can help lessen their usage of gadgets.


A sandpit is an excellent way to provide your children with a fun play area in the safety of your own home. Remember to build your sandpit with durable materials like concrete sleepers to maximise their lifespan and durability. The best part is that it’s a step-by-step project you can do with your kids. Wholesale Sleepers Co explains how:


Choose Your Pit’s Site


Choose the site of your sandpit carefully. Be sure to take into consideration the trees and the sun exposure of the area. After all, you don’t want your child to spend hours playing under the hot sun. Instead, select an area that receives moderate sunlight. Sand needs to be exposed to the sun in order to stay dry. It’s also important to not build your sandpit near fruit trees or you’d have to regularly clean the sandpit from fruits and fallen leaves. If trees are unavoidable, consider installing a cover.


Begin Excavating


After you’ve chosen the size and location of your sandpit, you can begin excavating the area. Dig at about 200mm below the grass to give your child enough room in to move about in the sandpit. You can use this soil to repair some bald spots on your lawn or use as compost. After you’ve finished digging, you need to prepare a bed for the sand to sit on.


If your subsoil is clay, however, you would be at risk of drainage problems later on. To avoid this, you can install a drainage pipe or drain tile in the middle of the sandpit. You can also dig a deep hole in the centre to act as a pipe. When done, be sure to cover it with crushed rock and natural stones then replace the soil.


Start to Lay Out Your Sleepers


Since your child would be spending a lot of time in the sandpit freely, be sure to use materials that are safe for them. Wholesale Sleepers Co’s Eco sleepers, for instance, are non-toxic and safe for children so they are ideal for your sandpit. Cut these to your preferred measurement using a hand saw or circular saw. When done, check to see if they have a suitable length. Level them and fasten them together with galvanised bolts or timberlok screws. You can use another sleeper that’s cut into lengths if these are raised above ground level.


Fill The Pit With Sand


Estimate how much sand you need by multiplying the length of your pit by its width and then multiply the result by its depth. Wholesale Sleepers Co sells beach sand by bulk bags or cubic metre. After filling the pit with sand, you can fill it with your child’s toys and allow their creativity loose. Consider laying a plastic sheet over the sandpit to help reduce weed growth and prevent cats from using it.


Wholesale Sleepers Co can provide you with the quality materials you need to build your sandpit. We also offer a variety of products that can transform your yard such as landscaping sleepers and decorative mulches. Contact us today to get started.

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