How to choose the right paver for Outdoor Space

Considerations are what area you are looking at paving eg: Driveway, Pool, path or patio area

There are a few choices with the types of pavers based on your preference and the suitability for the job.

Natural Stone Pavers

Natural Stone pavers typically have a lot more features on the surface which creates a stunning look. No 2 pavers are the same and include stones such as granite, sedimentary stones such as Limestone and Travertine, and metamorphic stones such as marble. Natural Stone pavers have a high slip resistance when using them around a pool. Sealing the pavers with a salt inhibitor is a must prior to and after laying the pavers. Features of Natural Stone are they are durable and hardwearing, cooler under the foot and create an elegant and natural look.

Clay pavers

Clay pavers have stood the test of time with colours that last, excellent slip resistance and salt safe, there is no doubt that natural clay pavers are designed for Australian conditions. They are come in the typical brick size paver, and are great for driveways using a 50mm thick paver, and also for creating curved paths using the brick format paver. There is also the flexibility in laying patterns to suit your area.

Masonry Pavers

Masonry pavers from Adbri provide the largest range of sizes. From edging pavers to large contemporary pavers, they give you the best range at affordable prices. Considerations when choosing a size and colour is by matching roof tiles, guttering or house bricks. The size and shape of the area to be paved is also an important consideration. The size of the paver can reduce the number of cuts you might need to make. Or using a larger paver in a small area gives you the feeling of a larger space. If the pavers will be used around a pool, it’s vital to choice the Euro range pavers as they are the only Adbri pavers suitable for use in saline environments. Using Rectangular pavers as steppers through a garden or creating a stunning walk way to the front door using contrasting pebbles is an easy DIY project.

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