DIY Landscaping Projects Using Sleepers

Landscaping sleepers are a great and affordable way to upgrade the look of your property without any major renovations or costs. With a touch of resourcefulness, this simple landscaping material can help refurbish and update the look of your lawn. Wholesale Sleepers shares three simple DIY projects you can try:


Add Garden Edging

Garden edging is a wonderful addition to any garden. It not only helps keep your lawn in check, it also adds aesthetic value to your garden. While most homeowners choose plastic material for their edging to save up on costs and installation, plastic edging looks cheap and won’t last for long. Using quality sleepers for garden edging yields more pleasing and longer-lasting results.


Add a Retaining Wall

A quality sleeper retaining wall offers several excellent benefits for your property, making it a great investment. Aside from the added appeal and structure, retaining walls help keep the soil in your property stable. If you live in an area that sees a lot of rain, a retaining wall can keep your property safe from the dangers of flooding and keep your plants and flowers beds from shifting.


Install a Garden Path

A garden path is a simple yet charming addition to any yard. You could use a variety of materials for a path such as flagstone, granite and sleepers depending on your style and budget. Garden paths can improve your home’s curb appeal and value and they don’t cost as much as other landscaping projects.

Garden sleepers are a versatile landscaping material that you can use to transform your property in a variety of ways. Wholesale Sleepers, the premier landscaping supply store, can provide you with quality sleepers and other landscaping materials for your home improvement projects. Visit our website today to learn more about the different products we offer.

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