Creating a Beautiful Pool Deck with Natural Stone Pavers

Natural stone pavers create a rich and inviting look and feel, providing your outdoor space with sophisticated pool settings. These types of pavers enhance the beauty and add elegance to your pool area. 

The style and colour of the natural stone you choose have a significant impact on the overall aesthetic of your outdoor area. Here are some of the popular natural stone types to match your property’s architectural style:


1. Travertine

Natural Stone Paver - Classic Travertine

Classic Travertine


Travertine is one of the most popular natural stone supplies for building luxury pool decks. It has become in-demand, especially with pool builders, because it’s permeable, remains cool to touch in hot weather, and is non-slip, ideal material around the pool.


This beautiful natural paver has unique variations in colour, patterns and veining. At Wholesale Sleeper Co., we offer a wide range of travertine pavers, including walnut, silver, and classic available in various sizes. 


2. Limestone

Natural Stone Paver - Limestone Pearl

Limestone Pearl


With its durability, aesthetic and natural variations in patterns and colours, limestone can brighten up any pool decking. This low-maintenance natural stone paver can tolerate extreme weather conditions, retaining its beauty for years. 


Limestones are cooler to walk on bare feet during hot summer days compared to masonry pavers. They are also non-slip, which makes them ideal for laying around pools. Wholesale Sleeper Co. has limestone pearl pavers available in various sizes that can add elegance to your pool area.


3. Granite

Natural Stone Paver - White Granite

White Granite


One of the hardest natural stones, granite is a popular choice for pool designers looking for a consistent look that can withstand weather conditions. It repels water, avoiding the pool decks to be slippery with splashing. 


Granite is perfect for pool surrounds that have a natural motif or elegant settings. It creates a timeless natural look for your pool deck.

If you’re looking for a landscape supply company in Canberra to help you with your pool decking, reach out to Wholesale Sleepers Co. We have a wide selection of natural stone pavers to match your outdoor space’s architectural design and style. Call our experts for a quote today for your landscaping and home renovation needs.

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