Choosing the Right Sleepers

Sleepers are used for various landscaping projects, including garden paths, retaining walls, and raised flower beds, to name a few. However, it is essential to use the correct type of sleepers to work best for their property.

Here are some tips for choosing the right type of sleepers for your next landscaping project:


1. Concrete Sleepers and Timber Sleepers for Retaining Walls 

Choosing the right type of sleeper for retaining walls depends on your overall goal for your outdoor space. If you want a budget-friendly and easy to install option, you can use timber sleepers which are popular because of their natural appearance. 

Although timber sleepers are widely used for retaining walls, concrete sleepers are becoming a popular alternative because of their strength and durability that can withstand for years. You can also achieve a stylish concrete wall with an increasingly wide variety of colours and textures available. 


2. Eco Sleepers for Garden beds

When using sleepers to build garden beds, you have to make sure that you use timbers without chemicals, stains or preservatives that can contaminate the soil. Eco Sleeper is a non-arsenic based preservative treatment process. It offers real peace of mind for veggie growers that plant their own food organically, emphasising chemical-free healthy plants. 


3. Railway Sleepers for Garden Paths

Railway sleepers are suitable to define the edges of your garden paths. You can also create a stable pathway across your garden by mixing some pebbles with railway sleepers for a unique look. The rustic look of railway sleepers adds aesthetic appeal to your garden.

Whether it’s for sleeper retaining walls, vegetable beds, garden paths or any landscaping projects, Wholesale Sleeper Co can provide you with durable, versatile and affordable quality sleepers in Queanbeyan. Get in touch with our team today to learn more about our high-quality landscaping products. 

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