Choosing the Right Natural Stone Pavers for Your Space

Choosing the Right Natural Stone Pavers for Your Space

With their diverse array of colours, textures and sizes, natural stone pavers add elegance and create a unique style for any backyard or garden project. Your choice of pavers has a significant impact on your outdoor space’s overall look and function.

In this article, Wholesale Sleeper Co shares factors to consider when choosing the right natural stone pavers for your space:


1. Home Design

The style of your house should match the choice of your landscape paver. For a modern build, a large-format Limestone Paver can give your outdoor or entertainment areas an industrial feel of a concrete floor with the rawness of a natural stone.

With traditional architecture, a Travertine Paver might be perfect for your outdoor space. It has a range of neutral colours with naturally formed holes, providing a beautifully textured appearance. Our range of travertine pavers includes walnut, silver and classic travertine paver.


2. Function

Choosing the right natural stone pavers also depends on the function or the type of your landscaping project. If the stones will be laid on the pool, durable and slip-resistant pavers like Porcelain Pavers and Marble Pavers are popular choices. 

If you’re going to create a stunning stepping stone, large-format irregular stones such as Flamed Basalt Steppers and Black Marble Edging Pavers are great for making a statement and a lovely border in your garden.

Natural Granite Stone pavers are ideal for high-traffic outdoor areas like pathways and walkways. It has a non-slip flamed surface, making it easy to maintain and hard-wearing. 

For more information on installing pavers, check out our How to Lay Pavers guide.

Whether it’s for pool surrounds entertainment areas, patios, walkways or any outdoor space, buy natural stone pavers at Wholesale Sleeper Co. We have a wide range of natural paver supplies to suit all landscaping projects. Call our experts for a quote today for your landscaping and home renovation needs.

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