Your Guide to Natural Stone Paving

Whether you’re constructing a commercial or residential property, natural stone pavers add aesthetic appeal and a unique facade to your surroundings. Natural stone supplies are popular landscaping materials because of their timeless look, stylish finish, durability, low maintenance and sustainability.     Wholesale Sleeper Co. shares a comprehensive guide if you want to transform your outdoor [...]

Preparing your Outdoor Area for Summer Using Natural Stone Pavers

Summer is all about spending time with your family and friends while enjoying the outdoors. There are various landscaping solutions available to get your outdoor space summer-ready. One of the most practical ways to upgrade your outdoor area is using natural stone pavers.  This type of paver can transform any outdoor space quickly by do-it-yourself [...]

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Different Types of Natural Stone Pavers for Home Exteriors

Natural stone pavers come in various finishes and surfaces, each giving a unique characteristic to any landscaping project. Understanding the requirements of your outdoor spaces can help you in choosing the right stone paver.  In this article, Wholesale Sleepers Co. shares different types of natural stone pavers you can consider for enhancing your home exterior: [...]

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How to Properly Lay Pavers

Whether it’s for a patio or a driveway, you can’t go wrong with pavers in Queanbeyan. They are versatile, stylish, durable and affordable. They also make a great spot for entertaining. It’s important, however, to lay your pavers properly to ensure beauty and durability. While you can turn to a professional for the proper installation, [...]

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