Building a Sun-Smart Sandpit for Hot Aussie Summers

As the scorching Australian summer approaches, it’s time to think about creating a sun-smart outdoor space for your little ones. A sun-smart sandpit can provide hours of entertainment while ensuring the safety and well-being of your children. In this blog, Wholesale Sleeper Co will guide you through the process of building a sandpit, discuss the importance of sandpit covers, and explore various cover options to keep the heat at bay.

Building a Sandpit

Selecting the right location is crucial. Choose a shaded area in your backyard accessible to your home. Gather materials, including timber or plastic for the frame, weed mat to prevent unwanted growth, sand and soil supplies, and the necessary tools. Construct a sturdy rectangular frame, securing corners with screws. Lay the weed mat inside to inhibit grass and weed growth, then evenly distribute non-toxic play sand within the frame for a safe and enjoyable play surface.

Why Do You Need Sandpit Covers?

Sandpit covers play a vital role in protecting children during hot Aussie summers. Firstly, they provide essential sun protection, preventing the sand from becoming too hot for sensitive skin. Additionally, covers act as barriers against debris, leaves, and animals, maintaining a clean play environment. They also safeguard the quality of the sand by preventing rainwater from seeping in, reducing the risk of mould or unpleasant odours.

Sandpit Cover Options

Various cover options cater to different needs. Fixed shade structures provide consistent protection, while adjustable canopies allow for flexibility in following the sun’s movement. Durable tarpaulin covers are effective and easy to secure, maintaining a clean and dry play area. For a creative touch, consider DIY umbrella solutions using PVC pipes and fabric, offering both protection and a personalised touch to your sun-smart sandpit.

Sand and Soil supplies in Canberra

If you need high-quality sand and soil supplies in Canberra, Wholesale Sleeper Co has got you covered. We’re a landscape supply company, offering a wide range of products, including landscaping sand and soil to help build your sandpit. Request a quote today.

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