Best Ways to Clean Natural Stone Pavers

You’re looking at your outdoor entertaining area and you notice that you haven’t cleaned it in more than a month. Dirt is piling up on your natural stone patio pavers, the surface is rough yet grimy, and the way it looks is just not pleasing. It might be high time to clean your patio.

Wholesale Sleeper Co. has some suggestions on how to clean your natural stone pavers easily and thoroughly. Here are 4 ways to clean your pavers.

How to Clean Natural Stone Pavers?

1. A High-Pressure Water Cleaner

No need to scrub these pavers all day. If you just need to do regular cleaning on your pavers, nothing beats water and a high-pressure water cleaner. Save yourself from hurting your back and toiling away under the sun. This method best works with Natural Stone pavers.

2. Sandstone Pavers

Sandstone pavers in particular, one needs to seal them as they are a porous paver. This makes them easier to clean in the long term..

3. pH Neutral Cleaner

These types of cleaners provide gentle but thorough cleaning of natural stone pavers and are ideal for everyday use. You can use this in a variety of natural stone pavers such as sandstone, marble, limestone, bluestone and slate.

4. Other Cleaning Products

Natural stone pavers do get stained, so sometimes water doesn’t cut it. There are many cleaning products available on the market. You’ll find anti-stain removals, cleansers and concentrated cleaners plus sealers for your pavers. What you need to avoid are harsh cleaners, such as soap-based cleaners, since they are not designed for natural stone.

Safe and gentle cleaning products for your natural stone pavers are available in Wholesale Sleeper Co., a trusted supplier for landscape products in New South Wales. Send an enquiry today.

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