Autumn Landscaping Ideas

Autumn is a wonderful time to enjoy the outdoors. With the season’s cool weather, it would be a good time to do some landscaping projects and refresh your backyard or outdoor spaces. It’s also an ideal time to prepare for the winter and ensure that your garden will thrive throughout the year.

To help you with your outdoor improvement, here are some of the top landscaping ideas that you may want to consider this autumn season:


1. Build a retaining wall

Retaining walls are a great solution for sloped yards—a design which can potentially cause downhill erosion. Aside from protecting your home from future damages, it can also add value to your outdoor space, offering landscapes and maximising your useful space. 

Choosing the suitable material for your retaining wall depends on your functional and decorative goals. If you’re going for a DIY retaining wall, you can select timber or cypress sleepers which are easy to install and budget-friendly. However, concrete sleepers are also becoming popular due to their durability to withstand throughout the years. 


2. Create raised garden beds

Autumn is an ideal time to get started and to build raised garden beds. They make a great feature of your outdoor space by raising flowers, decorative plants or veggies above ground level. It can also make gardening and composting easier. 

When choosing the landscaping materials for your garden beds, ensure the sleepers have not been treated with chemicals, which may seep into the soil to contaminate it. Our eco-friendly sleepers are an ideal choice as they are treated with non-arsenic based preservatives, designed for lasting protection against termites and decay. 

Our range of Adbri Masonry’s garden edging blocks such as the Hudson stone are also perfect for raised garden beds. These blocks are easy to stack and add a modern architectural appeal to your outdoor space.

If you’re looking to maintain a healthy garden with the help of mulches, you may also read our blog on the best decorative garden mulches.


3. Build a patio path

Patio paths add unique aesthetic appeal to your outdoor space. Whether it’s a path walk or driveway, there are various kinds and also cost-effective ranges of landscape paving products available to suit the design of your home. The colour, size and pattern of your paver should complement your outdoor space to achieve a cohesive look.

Our wide range of landscape pavers, including natural stone pavers, Baines budget pavers, and Adbri Masonry pavers gives you more options to choose from. 

If you’re looking for a landscape supply company with a comprehensive range of retaining wall blocks, sleepers, and pavers, reach out to Wholesale Sleepers Co. We’re one of the leading landscape suppliers in Canberra, offering a competitively priced and wide range of landscape materials. 

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