5 Ways to Add Sleepers to your Outdoor Space

When planning to transform your outdoor areas to aesthetically pleasing and functional spaces, sleepers are one of the best landscape supply that can help you achieve this goal. These versatile materials work to create beautiful borders in your landscapes.

Wholesale Sleeper Co shares different ways to add sleepers to your outdoor spaces:

  • Retaining Walls

Retaining wall is commonly used to prevent soil erosion to your garden and landscape. It helps segment the garden and acts as a boundary of the property. Using timber or concrete sleepers, retaining walls can add aesthetic value to your garden. 

  • Garden Furniture

A great way to use sleepers is by transforming them into garden furniture such as tables or chairs. Timber sleepers create a natural aesthetic that blends seamlessly with your garden. It adds a rustic feel while providing a durable and sturdy material for your furniture.

  • Planters or Garden Beds

Another typical sleeper project is a raised garden bed. It provides stunning visual elements to your garden. It also allows more access for those wanting to avoid bending down. 

  • Garden Steps and Stairs

Treated pine sleepers can add character to your garden by using them as garden paths or steps while providing a stable and secure footing. You can also use these sleepers to create stairs in your backyard.

  • Decks

Sleepers create a sturdy base for building decks on your property. A deck transforms your outdoor space into a beautiful area where you can hold functions, BBQ parties and more. 

There are many landscaping projects on sleepers that can add value to your outdoor spaces. To learn more about the different type of sleepers available and their applications, read our blog on choosing the right sleepers.

If you’re looking for a landscape supply company in Canberra that can provide you with a comprehensive and affordable range of sleepers to suit any project, reach out to Wholesale Sleeper Co. Contact us today to request a quote.

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