4 Simple Steps to Building Your Own Concrete Driveway

Concrete Paved driveways are a common feature in residential properties, with more and more homeowners undertaking it as a DIY project to refresh their home’s curb appeal. While this project is simple enough to be done by any homeowner, there are specific steps you need to follow to ensure a successful paver driveway installation.

Step 1

If your old driveway is worn out, consider replacing it with a concrete paved driveway for durability and longevity. Before building a new driveway, however, it’s important to prepare the area beforehand. Remove any existing driveway material or clean the area thoroughly until only the dirt foundation remains. When done, excavate the driveway to a 180mm depth (depending on the thickness of the paver. For a driveway safe paver, you need a minimum paver thickness of 50mm. and then determine the square metres. This will help you estimate the number of pavers and base and sand you will need for your driveway. Simply multiply the project area to get the square metres.

Step 2

After you’ve gathered the necessary materials, install the base for your concrete pavers e.g compacted road base to at least 100mm deep. Ensure that you do this accurately by using a compactor and level. Having the base level before placing a new layer is crucial and will help ensure that you end up with professional-looking results. Then apply paving sand to a depth of 30mm and screed the area until the surface is smooth and even. Avoid walking on the leveled sand.

Step 3

Homeowners often make the mistake of laying down their pavers without much thought to their position. Not long after, they run out of space to walk onto, trapping them. Consider your position strategically and make sure you still have enough space to step on when working. After laying down all your pavers, let them set for a while before walking on them. You can cut pavers to size to fit in curves and crevices where a whole piece would not.

Step 4

Once all the pavers have been laid down, use the compactor with a carpet piece underneath to bed the pavers into the sand. use a custodial sweeping broom to clean their surface of any dirt or debris. Liberally spread gap sand on top of the finished pavers, making sure to sweep it in the between the gaps each one. When done, carefully tamp down each paver with a compactor to allow you to spread more sand between the cracks. Repeat this process until all the cracks between the pavers have been filled with a slight hollow. Lightly spray with water the area and if needed add more sand as the existing sand between the pavers settle.
Haunch the outer paver edges with mortar mix to keep the pavers in place

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