3 Sandpit Ideas To Build At Home

Playing in a sandpit encourages your child and the whole family to enjoy the outdoors. It’s a simple and fun way for children to develop their motor skills, creativity, and imagination. Fortunately, building a sandpit at home is easy.

In this blog, Wholesale Sleeper Co will explore three sandpit ideas that are easy to build at home.

  1. Classic Wooden Sandpit

    The classic wooden sandpit is a staple in many Australian backyards. It is simple to construct and easily customised to suit your backyard’s size and design. You will need some treated pine planks or sleepers, screws, and sand to build this sandpit. Start by marking out the dimensions of your sandpit on the ground.

    Then, cut the planks to size and screw them together to form a box. Finally, fill the box with sand, and you’re done. You can add a lid to your sandpit to keep the sand clean and dry when not in use.

  2. Table Sandpit

    A table sandpit is a great option if you want one that can be easily converted into a table for other outdoor activities. To build a table sandpit, you will need a sturdy table with a removable top. You can purchase a ready-made table with a removable top or construct one yourself using timber or an old coffee table.

    To turn your table into a sandpit, remove the top and line the base with a waterproof material such as a pond liner. Then, fill the base with sand and add a few toys and tools for play. This sandpit idea is ideal if you have limited space, as you can simply store it for later or use it for a functional backyard table. 

  3. Raised Garden Bed Sandpit

    A raised garden bed sandpit is an excellent way to combine a sandpit and a garden in one space. It is perfect for families who want to teach their children about gardening and sustainability while still having a dedicated play area.

    To build this sandpit, use the same material you used for your raised garden bed, such as timber sleepers or non-toxic eco sleepers. Then, line the bed with a weed mat and fill it with sand and soil. And when your children are too old for sand play, you can replace them with your favourite plants to match the other raised garden beds. 

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