Adbri Masonry Retaining Walls in Canberra

Adbri Retaining Wall Ranges:


When choosing retaining wall blocks we do not warrant that the colour will be the same as samples or colours in the brochures. Whilst these are good indications of colour, due to natural variations in aggregates, colours may vary.


The new Borderstone. Borderstones are no longer available. Hudson Stone is the new improved garden edging.

These affordable garden edging blocks by Adbri Masonry easily stack on top of each other to create garden beds or separate the lawn from your garden.

  • Easy to stack blocks
  • Build your own unreinforced walls to 300mm high (3 courses)
  • Straight and curved garden walls   
  • Garden edging


L:200 x H:100 x W:130 


Sunstone, Oatmeal, Charcoal                                                                         


Tango is a new freestanding seating wall that features a ‘crunched’ face surface texture for a more natural wall appeal. With Tango, one block does it all. Piers can be easily built and freestanding walls created by interlocking blocks back to front. The blocks are a T Shape.

Important Notes:

Tango blocks do not have a specific capping unit and due to the groove on the top of the blocks, Tango walls must be capped. Walls should be capped with the most appropriate Adbri paver given the same colours are available.

A Quadro 400 x 400 x 40 will cap piers, and a Stradapave 300 x 300 x 40 will cap double sided walls leaving a small overhang, this is normal.


L: 300mm x D: 150mm x H: 100mm

Maximum Unreinforced Height

Wall Height 600mm (6 Courses)

Pier Height 800mm (8 Courses).



Double sided freestanding walls

Fireplace and living area.


Adbri Retaining Walls - Tango Block Oatmeal and Charcoal

Oatmeal and Charcoal





Lawn Edge is a versatile DIY friendly garden edging unit for use in home gardening projects. Separate your lawn from the garden bed, stop turf runners from creeping into your plants and create formal and well defined zones with this easy to install, light weight edge block.

  • Lay two ways
  • High edge or mowing strip
  • Light weight great for DIY
  • Separate the lawn from the garden bed


L:230 x H:80 x D:110 OR

L:230 x H: 100 x D:80


Charcoal, Oatmeal

Adbri Retaining Walls - Lawn Edge Oatmeal and Charcoal


Miniwall garden blocks, you can easily build your own straight, curved or circular walls as well as tree circles. These have a split face on the front and back of the block. 

  • Build your own unreinforced walls to 500mm high (4 Courses)
  • Near vertical garden walls
  • Straight, curved or circular garden walls
  • Residential walls and planter boxes
  • Garden edging

For garden edges with multiple courses, affix blocks on top of each other in a stretcher bond pattern using suitable landscape adhesive.


L182 Front, L132 Back x H125 x W182

Solid Wall – 6.2 pieces per l/m (Alternating front and back)

Semi Solid – 5.5 pieces per l/m (using front face only)


Oatmeal, Bondi Blend and Charcoal.

Adbri Retaining Walls - Mini Wall Oatmeal, Bondi Blend and Charcoal


The Versawall system feature a large split face texture that results in a natural rock appearance. They interlock together easily making them perfect for all DIY vertical retaining walls, and planter boxes.

  • Large block face for a modern look
  • Tongue and groove joints on the end of each block for easy installation
  • Split face texture provides natural rock look
  • Vertical retaining walls
  • Straight garden walls
  • Commercial retaining walls
  • Garden steps
  • Residential walls and retaining walls
  • Planter boxes and vegetable patches
  • Build your own unreinforced walls to 800mm or higher with engineering advice


Blocks L: 400 x H:200 x D: 215

Corners: L: 390 x H:200 x D: 215/190

Caps: L: 300 x H: 50 x D: 250


Oatmeal, Sunstone, Charcoal

Adbri Retaining Walls - Versawall Oatmeal

Versawall Oatmeal

Adbri Retaining Walls - Versawall Charcoal

Versawall Charcoal

Adbri Retaining Walls - Versawall Sunstone

Versawall Sunstone


Versastone features an architecturally inspired shotblast surface texture which exposes the natural stones in each block. This premium interlocking retaining wall system will enhance your home by adding depth, dimension and aesthetics to your garden.

  • Unique textured surface on each block
  • Patented lugs and joints males installation easy
  • Build unreinforced walls to 600mm high (3 courses)
  • Build engineered designed, reinforced walls to 1200mm high with No Fines Concrete.
  • Planter boxes and vegetable patches
  • Build your own unreinforced walls to 600mm or higher with engineering advice
  • Up to 1200mm with no fines concrete


Blocks L:400 x H:200 x D:190mm

Corners L:390 x H:200 x D:190mm

Caps 390 x 190 x 40 (Left and Right)



Adbri Retaining Walls - Versastone Charcoal


Achieve the look of a rendered block wall without the render. These coloured concrete building blocks feature a smooth, flat surface texture.

  • Garden steps
  • Gentle Curves
  • Engineered walls
  • Vertical walls
  • Landscape walls


Blocks L: 400 x H: 200 x D: 190

Corners L:390 x H: 200  x D: 190

Coloured Cap 390 x 190 x 40


Oatmeal, Charcoal, Ivory, Steel.

Adbri Retaining Walls - Versasmooth Charcoal

Versasmooth Charcoal

Adbri Retaining Walls - Versasmooth Ivory

Versasmooth Ivory

Adbri Retaining Walls - Versasmooth Steel

Versasmooth Steel

Adbri Retaining Walls - Versasmooth Oatmeal

Versasmooth Oatmeal


This dry stack walling system is an innovative solution for residential landscaping projects. No mortar is required and blocks easily stack on top of each other, ensuring quick and wall construction.

  • No mortar required - for savings in time, mess and money
  • Detailed bevel provides clean wall finish
  • Vertical block walls
  • Retaining and garden walls
  • Straight walls
  • Planter boxes
  • Fences and sheds
  • Build your own unreinforced walls up to 600mm high and higher with engineering advice


Standard Unit L: 400 x H: 200 x D: 190

Half end Unit L: 200 x H:200 x D: 190

End Unit L: 400 x H:200 x D: 190

Corner Unit L: 390 x H: 200 x D: 190

Caps: L390 x H: 40 x D: 190



Adbri Retaining Walls - Versaloc Natural


Duostone is a designer garden block ideal for garden edging and retaining walls. The unique block profile features a contrast of a natural stone-like texture and a contemporary, smooth surface with the random fusion resulting in finished walls that boast a modern architectural appeal.

  • Straight walls
  • Garden beds
  • Curved garden walls
  • Planter boxes.
  • Maxium unreinforced height 700mm plus cap (7 courses)
  • Suitable for use with the Torpeo Base Block.


L: 300 x H: 100mm x D 160mm


Graphite and Ash

Adbri Masonry Euro Stone Pavers in garden paths
Adbri Retaining Walls - Natural Impressions Duostone Ash and Graphite

Ash and Graphite


This unique, easy DIY retaining wall system features five block profiles which, when used together create the impression of a natural stack stone wall.

  • Set back retaining walls
  • Straight or curved garden walls
  • Garden edging and steps
  • Residential walls and retaining walls
  • Planter boxes and vegetable patches
  • Build your own unreinforced walls to 700mm high + Cap (7 Courses)


Blocks: L: 300 x H:100 x W: 160mm 


Bluestone and Sandstone

Adbri Retaining Walls - Natural Impressions Bluestone and Sandstone


These are great cost effective retaining wall blocks, with a modern split face texture that are easy to build with. They are the perfect solution to for your backyard projects.

  • Speciality corner units for easy building
  • Split face texture provides natural rock look
  • Bevel on top and bottom of each block
  • Garden steps
  • Residential walls and retaining walls
  • Planter boxes and vegetable patches
  • Maximum non reinforced wall 600mm + cap (4 Courses).


Blocks: L: 300 x H: 150 x D: 220

Corners: L: 370 x H: 150 x D: 200

Caps: 300 x 250 x 50


Oatmeal, Bondi Blend, Charcoal

Adbri Retaining Walls - Wallstone 3 Bondi Blend

Wallstone 3 Bondi Blend

Adbri Retaining Walls - Wallstone 3 Charcoal

Wallstone 3 Charcoal

Adbri Retaining Walls - Wallstone 3 Oatmeal

Wallstone 3 Oatmeal


Windsor Stone is a new improved version of the Windsor retaining wall product. This upgrade retains the technical and engineering benefits of Windsor with a modern aesthetic achieved by a straight block shape and a natural 'crunched' face texture.

  • No capping unit required for reduced building costs
  • Easy to install retaining wall system
  • Build your own unreinforced walls to 1040mm high (seek council approval)
  • Set back retaining walls
  • Straight or curved garden walls
  • Garden steps


L: 295 x H: 130 x D: 203


Charcoal, Oatmeal, Sunstone


Manor Stone is the perfect DIY retaining wall block for creating curved and straight garden wall, garden beds and planter boxes. Light in weight and featuring the rear lip locking system to make stacking blocks easy. 


L:295 x H: 100mm x D: 180mm

Maximum unreinforced height

600mm (6 courses).


Charcoal, Oatmeal


The three separate block sizes that make up the Meadow Stone segmental retaining wall system can be laid randomly throughout the wall to create an attractive natural looking garden wall.

  • Three block sizes for random natural looking walls
  • Speciality capping unit for a chic finish
  • Premium split face surface texture
  • Build your own unreinforced walls to 750mm without reinforcement + Cap
  • Sold in Fulls and Pairs
  • Straight or curved garden walls
  • Residential retaining walls
  • Planter boxes and vegetable patches


Full Blocks L: 400 x H: 150 x D: 200

Pairs L: 150/250 x H: 150 x D:200


Bondi Sand, Blue Mountain

Retaining wall with creative mulch bed

Blue Mountain and Bondi Sand

Adbri Retaining Walls - Meadow Stone Bondi Sand


The unique features of the AB Allan range make constructing strong, durable retaining walls in your garden, courtyard or outdoor entertaining area a breeze.

Versatile AB Blocks lets you easily create straight or curved walls, right angle corners, steps and terraced walls. So now you can turn your tired garden space, patio or courtyard into a contemporary outdoor living masterpiece.

The split texture of the block gives it the appearance of natural stone and the AB Blocks are available in four earthy tones that will only add to the design impact of your new retaining wall.

Suitable For:

  • Residential Walls
  • Engineered Walls
  • AB  Aussie Blocks - Maximum non reinforced height 600mm + Cap (3 Courses)
  • AB Vertical Blocks - Maxium non reinforced height 800mm + Cap (4 Courses)
  • Planter boxes 


AB Aussie Blocks L:400 x H: 200 x D:240

AB Vertical Blocks L:400 x H:200 x D:305

Corner Blocks L:435 x H:200 x D:196

Caps L:216 x H:80 x D: 310


Bondi Blend, Oatmeal, Charcoal, Brushwood


Ab Aussie Retaining Wall System - Retainig Walls


The preparation and base installation of any retaining wall is the most difficult and time consuming part of the wall's construction. Ensuring the base foundation is solid and level is the most crucial element to ensure the success and finished aesthetic of the wall.

The Torpedo Base Block is the easiest and quickest way to take the guesswork out of wall construction by providing a simple and time saving method for creating durable and level foundations.

  • Torpedo Base Blocks may replace the need for roadbase and compaction in unreinforced walls
  • Reduces challenges with screeding and levelling
  • Suitable for use under any segmental block wall system
  • Suitable for straight or curved walls


L: 400 x H: 100 x D: 280



Adbri Retaining Walls - Torpedo Base Block Natural