Claypave Pavers

Claypave has a unique manufacturing process that first extrudes the billet, but then represses it in custom built machines giving a paver that is accurate in both size and shape. It also allows us to provide the smallest spacer lug on any paver on the market.

Claypaves state of the art manufacturing processes allow Claypave to produce not only a high quality clay paver, but are producing products that most other manufacturers cannot. Claypaves sizes include 230 x 115mm, 230 x 230mm, 300 x 300mm, 400 x 400mm and 460 x 230mm. These sizes, coupled with the unique colours Claypave achieves with local clays, create a product that is much sought after throughout the world.

To complement our extensive paving range, Claypave makes all the paver accessories you will ever need, including:

  • Bullnose Pavers;
  • Pool Copers;
  • Channel Drains;
  • Garden Edges;
  • Kerb Blocks;
  • Tactile Pavers; and
  • Abrasive Resistant Commercial Paver Range.



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