Paving Canberra

Discover how Canberra’s largest and cheapest paving supplier can add character and decorative appeal to your home!

There are many reasons why people love to buy pavers for their homes. Some people are drawn to creating decorative appeal for the property while others install it to protect certain areas from weathering.

Irrespective of whether you are looking to enhance your pathways, driveway, parking area, or pool, Wholesale Sleeper Co., one the largest paving supplier in Canberra can help you add character to your home.


  1. We have the largest variety of paver types, colors, shapes, sizes and patterns in Canberra to match any décor and to give your home a unique style.
  2. Our experts wiil give you an honest opinion on the type of paver you need, selecting colors, sizes and shapes to suit the style of your home while keeping in mind your budget constraints.
  3. Array of vehicles from canter trucks to rigids for smaller jobs to large deliveries, no matter where you are in Canberra.
  4. From few pavers to larger quantities, we are the most affordable paving supplies company in Canberra.
  5. Our pavers, if placed accurately, are enormously durable and can resist high PSI (Pounds per Square Inch) pressure.
  6. We have all the products to lay your pavers on, and the Gap Sand for the final sweep through the gaps of the pavers.

Wholesale Sleeper Company provides unmatched individualized attention by offering expert advice and suggestions to pull your project off within the stipulated budget and time. We are open 7 days a week and even deliver on weekends without any additional charge. Paver and Retaining Wall Blocks, deliveries are generally Monday to Friday. All other products we deliver 7 days.

Give us a call at (02) 6299 5886 to discuss your paving project and get a free-obligation quote.


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