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If you are looking for Landscaping Supplies in Canberra or performing landscape design or maintenance in the Canberra region, you will probably require several different supplies. For instance soil, mulch, rock, sand, granite, cement, the list goes on. So buying landscape supplies “by the bag” from different suppliers often costs customers three to four times more than buying it in bulk. Commuting, frequent deliveries, handling and higher mark-ups on smaller quantities add up and it’s you who ends up paying for all these overheads for the supplier. Often it gets very difficult to keep track of the supplies, especially if you have more than one shipping list. Precious time is wasted in the search for the best deal on landscaping suppliers and an opportunity to establish and foster a one-to-one relationship with your supplier is lost. That's where we come in! We are your one -stop-shop for all your Canberra landscaping supplies.

The Wholesale Sleeper Co. Your One-Stop-Shop For Landscaping Supplies in Canberra

The Wholesale Sleeper Co. offers a range of quality landscaping supplies from soils and mulches to granite and bags of cement. You name it, we have it! Having more than 15 years experience in the industry with one of biggest stocking facilities in Canberra, we can provide you with the best products for your landscaping design and maintenance on time without costing you a fortune.

Bundle your order and save!

People often find it hard to estimate how much to buy, especially when they are after cement, sand, rock, or topsoil. Speaking to a seasoned supplier will aid you in choosing the most appropriate material and purchasing a more accurate quantity and if you bundle your order you can save even more money on the cost fo delivery!

Pick up the phone and let our experts know what you need and how large the area is and we can offer an expert advice on how much you will need.

Contact us today at (02) 6299 5886 to share your landscaping needs or get a obligation-free quote on all of your landscape supplies.

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Call today and one of our experienced landscaping specialists will talk with you to discuss your landscaping plans or use our quote form to drop us a line about your requirements and we will get back to you in less than 24 hours!


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